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  1. Looking for a Pair Programmer

    I'm using Ruby
  2. Looking for a Pair Programmer

    And So I have created blog for the first time. I have made it look a little bit better than the usual. But what matters to me is the functionality. I KNOW that coding wise I can make it shorter and more neater to read in my controllers. Im also trying to add some users with devise and another model called comments, for people to leave. Anyone up for Pair Programming to have a look at it with me?
  3. Anyone tried IO.js yet?

    IO is a fork of node, with members of the core team splitting off from Joyent to try to produce more frequent updates and address some of the issues that have gone unchecked with Node. They are not advising using it in production apps yet, but they think they've added some cool features so far. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out over the next year. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How should it feel for Chinese tourists bringing home MADE IN CHINA souvenirs from any country they visit...jokes on nha khoa