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  1. You're correct in thinking it is the query; there's no data being returned to the query variable; could you post your database structure? I'd like to recreate it myself and test a few things, thanks,
  2. I wouldn't recommend turning to freelance straight after finishing Uni. You need to get some experience, learn how a website is designed professionally in a client to to designer situation and generally learn the ropes of how a web design company works.
  3. Head in the clouds web review...

    It's a great idea although it definitely needs tweaking. I think maybe you could do with a slightly softer blue for th background.
  4. Steps to take when designing a site?

    I put pen/pencil to paper and draw and annotate my design in my note/sketchpad. After I've come up with a basic concept I hit ole' Photoshop to create a full scale mock up although I NEVER EVER SLICE. I then move to hand crafted code and create a couple of basic concepts from my PS mockup. After I've come up with a fully coded demo, I finish it off with all the pretty pixels, browser test, validate code and make it live.
  5. Long Time No See

    I missed yall a lot and I nearly got a visitor to one of my sites?
  6. Heh, this isn't really an introduction post more of a hi again. I've been away for quite and while and now I've come back
  7. Well I have one complete website/blog (sitetruck.com, updated daily) I have technation.info currently doing nothing, will be a forum soon and then I have my portfolio website which should be online soon. So 1 website/2 domains.
  8. One thing about competition is that not everybody who is a freelancer designer/developer is your competition. If they were then you'd be in trouble. You need to consider your competition by getting a map(google maps is probably your best idea) and marking off all the businesses who have an existing website or do business that could warrant a website. After you've done that you need to mark off all the web design/development companies within the radius of those businesses who have or could do with a website. That's your competition, you can get a lot of work online but jobs within traveling distance for you would be best if your serious about what you're doing.
  9. No, they never feel the t's, the i's and the hs'
  10. Ask a question, I dare you
  11. I totally understand but I had needed a basic design to fit the programming into. I had enough problems with the backend programming but I've made a promise to myself that in a week or 2 I'll pay more attention to the design and do something decent and I already got 2 questions
  12. http://technation.info ASK the technation! yup that's right you can the TechNation a technology related question and get an answer within 1 business week. OR you could upgrade and get an answer with 1 business day. Please i'd like your feedback, questions & suggestions, P.S. my blog - http://technation.info/blog
  13. Resellers

    I'm using http://digitalworldhost.com They don't advertise their reseller plans but if you email or call them you can get the infomation. The plans don't look like much but they often do some great weekend deals. The support is awesome because they offer it almost every way you can think of. Including your preferred IM client. They're are a niche hosting company and have a 99.81% uptime which first started around 400 days ago. I'd definitely recommend them.
  14. Javascript Lightbox Effect

    Could this be done using AJAX also?
  15. weather widget

    I'm guessing you could try the Microsoft MSDN homepage. http://msdn.microsoft.com - It's their developer site.