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  1. 301 redirect

    Yay...thats done it..all works fine now Thanks for looking and help..
  2. 301 redirect

    If I do that it just shows the page up as http://mysite.com hmmm strange...
  3. 301 redirect

    They have said it is enabled and all working fine So what have I done wrong??
  4. 301 redirect

    Thank you, I will check with them now. Really appreciate you taking the time to help Will let you know how I get on
  5. 301 redirect

    Yes its in the same folder as the index page...
  6. 301 redirect

    Yes I did that...don't know why the grader doesnt pick it up
  7. 301 redirect

    Thanks for the link So I now have this in my file ErrorDocument 404 /404.php <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^mysite\.comk$ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.mysite.com/$1 [L,R=301] </IfModule> all working fine but the grader stills says I dont have one???
  8. 301 redirect

    I tested my site on the website grader and it said I could do with a 310 redirect. So I add this line to my .htaccess file (leaving a space between the 404 code so this is the whole code in my .htaccess file is - ErrorDocument 404 /404.php Redirect 301 mysite.com http://www.mysite.com Adding my web address where it says 'mysite'. I re-tested it on the grader but it says I still don't have one. What am I not doing?? Thanks
  9. Wordpress: blog layout issue

    All sorted Thanks for your help and giving me a nudge in the right direction...
  10. Wordpress: blog layout issue

    Thanks for your reply..so I just need to add the sidebar into the single file (what's this single file called?) in the same place and that will solve it? I will have a look through the link - thanks
  11. I Have a blog at: http://www.ampmgraphics.com/blog/ The home blog page is fine but when you click one of the blog entries it changes. How can I do the following: 1/ Have the blog entry on the left with all the links remaining on the right (as the home page is)? Thanks - appreciate any help
  12. Website not right in firefox

    Thank you all for helping..The problems are solved! Thanks for taking the time to look at the script and work out what to change. Great stuff
  13. Website not right in firefox

    Thank you for your reply... I will look into this and let you know. Much appreciated !
  14. Website not right in firefox

    hmm still no joy..have played around with it and changed things but I still have the three issues (solved fourth). What am I missing? Anyone have any idea? Thanks
  15. Website not right in firefox

    Sorry I dont understand what you mean? Can anyone help?