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  1. Is removing the Social media and SEO forums something we could/should do - I think it was discussed earlier? Nothing there but vague pointless questions and equally pointless copy/paste replies. And spam, spam, spam.


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    2. Jack


      Yeah, we should get rid of it.

    3. TimW


      I first arrived here with an SEO query I couldn't find an answer to, so I am sure there is a place for an SEO board. I think the problem round here is that the moderators haven't really identified posters with fake names, fake photos, copy pasting the same query (or answer) in every forum they can find, never engaging in dialogue (which is the purpose of a forum) and it went on and on. Look for instance at user danielnash .  Fake name fake photo 12 threads started with the same fake copy paste queries . Still here.

      But just deleting the section would be easier than actually moderating a forum. I know, I do a bit elsewhere.

    4. teodora


      Well, the way I see it, WDF is a design / development forum and even though SEO + marketing were a big part of web design at some point in the past, that's no longer the case. Some of us may have sufficient skills in those areas but I don't think there are any advanced SEO and marketing professionals amongst us - correct me if I'm wrong and apologies if I have missed someone - as they frequent other, specialised forums while WDF focuses on different fields.

      My point is: do we really need those forums in the first place? Because they don't seem to provide real help but only attract spam IMO.

      P.S. @TimW you have great ideas and WDF is always looking for moderators, I believe - have you considered PMing @Jo 90 or @Rich C?