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  1. Cpanel

    Yes, he has talked with the person he bought it from and he just laughed and said you have no proof you bought it, it was a verbal contract.. so he's pretty much f**cked, Thanks anyway guys Michael.
  2. I want! This is so great!

    Very nice
  3. Brilliant: Flip Clock Screensaver

    That's class that mate Michael.

    A little animation to wish WDF a Happy Birthday... http://i121.photobucket.com/albums/o233/mp...ppyBirthday.gif
  5. http://hcmafia.com/signup.php?step=3&refer=817 All you have to do is click the link, register ( free of charge ) and you can play the game, you can play free and spen no money or you can spend a little amount and win a hell of a lot more back, i have played games like this for a few years and have made about $7000 from them so far, great fun, check it out Michael.
  6. Cpanel

    I tried contacting them for my friend, the person he bought it from handed everything over, but i feel he had something in the code that emailed him the cpanel password everytime it was changed, my friend payed money for the website and he now has no access to it whatsoever as the previous owner has changed password's and removed him from admin status, he can still contact hosting but he hasn't had a reply in 2 days from them... any help? Michael.
  7. Dreamweaver

    I use Dreamweaver to code, It's quick and easy, I do most of it in Design View as i can't code much, I would like to learn how to code by hand and not using Design View as sometimes it does f*** up, does anybody have any tips or links where I could expand my php and html knowledge further? Any help is appreciated. Michael.
  8. Cpanel

    My friend just bought an online game recently, when he bought it he changed all password's to cpanel etc, he can no longer access cpanel as the previous owner hacked his cpanel and changed his password.. does anybody know how to regain access to his cpanel? Thanks.