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  1. Gradient background

    Ah! Me got wrong end, stick-wise... I thought you wanted a gradient for the body background!
  2. Gradient background

    Nope - can't see it, despite refreshing the page. Where have you hidden it?!
  3. Gradient background

    Glad to have been able to help, Guezela. I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks when you've uploaded it.
  4. Gradient background

    Try 'fixing' the background: body { background: white url(images/gradient.jpg) repeat-x fixed; } This way the background won't scroll and the gradient will always be in view.
  5. Google checkout integration

    Many thanks, Joel - I did this and it works just fine!
  6. I want to transfer my current website to a new domain, but I'm worried about breaking the Google checkout setup. I bought a shopping cart system (Host Director) and the developer integrated this with Google Checkout for me, so I have no idea how it was done. If I move the site, is it as simple as changing the API callback URL in my Google Checkout settings? Marie
  7. ie6 png issue

  8. why wont IE recognise my IE only stylesheet?

    I've had this problem and it turned out that the conflict of styles in the main stylesheet caused IE6 to ignore its stylesheet. Try adding the ! important declaration to your ieonly.css, like this example: #div {width: 100% ! important;} Note the space between the exclamation mark and 'important'.
  9. ie6 png issue

    Thinks... Is it a 24-bit .png? I seem to remember that png-8 won't work.
  10. very funny thing I found...

    Love it! I'd add another section: "Time spent explaining to the client why their umpteenth "Can you just" will not take a matter of moments, since it would entail a virtual re-design."
  11. ie6 png issue

    I suspect that the reason your script worked before is because you used an image embedded in the HTML, as opposed to specifying a BACKGROUND image in the CSS. That said, I see no reason why your .PNG doesn't display in IE6, since there's no transparency in your image - it's .PING transparency that IE6 doesn't support. I don't have a solution but can I make a couple of suggestions... Remove this: background-repeat: repeat-x; repeat:y; It's not necessary as by default a background image 'tiles' horizontally and vertically. In your case, you don't want it to tile at all, so I'm thinking "background-repeat: none" is better suited. If that doesn't work, could you not save your image as a .GIF? Since it doesn't have transparency I see no reason to save it as a .PNG in the first place...
  12. !important

    Hi Meschach, Coincidentally, the site that you've been helping me uses the "! important" rule. I used it to make the highlight the current page in the navigation menu. Here I've used the same style as for the hover state, but browsers refused to implement it until I added ! important because I'd already declared a style for the static links. In other words, ! important overrides existing style rules, something like this: #nav li a:link, #nav li a:visited { color: red; } #nav li a:hover { color: blue; } .current { color: blue ! important; } I then assigned the .current class to the "current" anchor: <li><a href="directions.html" class="current">Google Map</a></li> The ! important rule is also invaluable for print style sheets to override the 'screen' styles: #nav, #header, #footer { display: none; } #container, #content, #rightcol { width: 100% ! important; margin: 0 !important; } Note that there should be a space between the exclamation mark and 'important'. I hope this helps. Marie
  13. edit multiple pages at once

    Hello, You can use Dreamweaver's Find and Replace function to edit the entire site. You simply need to view your source code and highlight the block of text you wish to edit. Then you right click on it and choose 'replace'. From there you can choose to edit the text from either the current document only or from a FOLDER of documents. I did just this when I was adding a Google Analytics script to a large site. The script needed to be inserted just before the closing body tag, so I replaced </body> with this: </body> <script src="http://www.google-analytics.com/urchin.js" type="text/javascript"> </script> <script type="text/javascript"> _uacct = "UA-2962363-2"; urchinTracker(); </script> Be careful, though - you can't "undo" changes to the files that are not already open in Dreamweaver.
  14. Click on an image to play music

    Many thanks for your perseverance, Meschach. I struggled with Flash but my limited knowledge prevented me from getting it to work. Good news, however - after much trial and error I've managed to configure Soundmanager (mentioned above) and IT WORKS!! Go see! Thanks again for all your help. Best, Marie
  15. Click on an image to play music

    Bless you, Meshach - I'm all Googled out, having tried every search term I can think of. Soundmanager2 looked hopeful, but it's scant on instructions for the non-programmer and I think it's overkill for my needs.