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  1. Thanks for all the great replies, i was really swaying towards learning myself and saving the money. time to get myself a new p.c. and a bigger screen then my little laptop and get myself started. thanks again for all the replies no doubt will be stopping in here again to ask more questions as time goes by. loy
  2. hi Guys and Girls Quick bit about myself used to work in IT 7 years ago former MCSE in NT, 98, but been out of IT now for a while so way behind the times, Been looking into getting back into IT with something a bit more fun and creative so Web design really sparks a interest for me. now i have been looking at college courses at my local tech college and it offers evening course with a city and guilds diploma which to me sounds very rubbish not going to get company's kicking your door down with jobs. i have been talking to national IT learning centre about their courses which are Adobe based. now this sounds much more up the street i was looking for ACE certification Cr4, with dreamweaver a product i have heard of for many years. now the Nation IT learning centre course is a home based study with the exams at the end when u are ready, they offer some instructor based training if you get stuck and 24 hour phone support. at a cost of £4500 roughly Looking at Adobe's website they seem to have there own home based learning disk's 35 pounds per program or 200 for a web designer cs4 complete tutorials and there exams are about 130€ So my questions 1. has anyone else ever taken one of there courses? 2. has anyone used the Adobe tutorial disks ? 3. do you think just maybe getting some books maybe starting with Html and working my way through css php dreamweaver fireworks etc etc is a better way to learn. thanks in advance for all help loy