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  1. How do we add a banner image in the blank holder above our Profile?

    1. Rich C

      Rich C

      Hey Robby

      This was turned for all except Admins - which I hadn't noticed! 

      I've now added to the ability to everyone. You can change it as below.

      Let me know if you have any problems, and thanks for spotting that! I'll do a news post.



    2. robbydesigns


      Awesome, thanks Rich. 

  2. New Year, new look forum. new client. Great start :) 

  3. Where to start

    If I'm understanding your post correctly you seem to be looking to create a webiste like Forebears.io with a few layout changes and features. It seems to me like this is something you should do in Wordpress, that would give you the ability to give users access to page(s) where they can download stuff. As for how free templates turn out, well, a free template doesn't have much in terms of creativity; it's up to your Designer to edit it to portray your brand and appeal to your clients.
  4. New from Peru

    Welcome along David.
  5. Do you have any sort of brief for this logo?
  6. Hi all, hope you're having a good new year. Just looking for a little advice. I use Twitter for work related and Facebook for friends. One of my 2018 resolutions is to stop wasting time, and with that I'm thinking of ditching all social media. I'm not a smart phone zombie, I check it probably twice a day but it doesn't seem very social to me. Most of my tweets seem to go ignored and my Facebook friends are mostly people I know, real friends have my number. As far as I'm aware, I've never gained a client from Twitter. My Dribbble posts go pretty muich ignored (perhaps my designs just aren't good enough or perhaps it's cuz I don't add animated Gif's). Either way, what do you think? Is it time to ditch social media?
  7. The end of the 'listicle'?

    There's a site called 'ListVerse' that pays people to waste their time create interesting lists; I guess that's why there's so many lists about. I avoid them cuz they're always boring.
  8. I want to create this font anyone help me?

    It's Envato stuff. A quick search on Google images found it: https://graphicriver.net/item/foil-balloon-text-effect-for-photoshop/19761729?ref=Kluzya&clickthrough_id=1155604344&redirect_back=true
  9. New WDF looking fantastic, great work guys. 

  10. Usually I'd go into the CPanel, look for Softaculous (or similar), find the installed WP and uninstall it leaving a clean slate to use Softaculous to install WP clean. However, the website I'm working on, which needs to be uninstalled, doesn't have Softaculous, it has 'CPanel - Blogs - Wordpress (legacy)' which says there are 'no installed instances of this CPaddon' (see attached). There is an instance of WP, I know this for a fact as there is currently a 1.5GB website on it!
  11. custom letters

    As fisicx said or you could use CSS again, this time we'd have the letters of the normal font with an SVG pulled in: O<span class="funky-letter-u"></span>r W<spanclass="funky-letter-o"></span>rk then set your funky letters as background images. Seems a lot of hassle to deliver a bunch of letters Google can read (O,r,W,r,k) which are nonsense anywayy. I'd go with an SVG for the whole title personally.
  12. custom letters

    Put the letter in a <span> and give that span a class, for example <span class="funky-letter">O</span> then make it funky with CSS.
  13. Starting working for someone

    Why not try a freelancer website like PeoplePerHour? You wont earn much as budgets are low and PPH take 20% of your earnings.
  14. How to get more followers on Twitter?

    For Americans maybe.