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    Programming Website From Template

    First thing to realise is people use mobile phones far more than they use a desktop. This means you need a responsive website - one that adapts to the device being used. The best options for you is to buy some hosting and install a content management system. There are loads to choose from. One more popular choice is Wordpress (which is free). You then upload all your content then choose a theme (template). There are thousands of them, many designed for photographers and not too expensive. If all this seems too daunting, get someone to help you set it all up. The whole process can take less than an hour. DIY is fine if you know what you are doing but frustrating if you are learning from scratch. In your profession you expect people to pay for your expertise and not try to do it themselves. Do the same for your website.
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    printable map of New York

    There are lots of free versions. But they are for personal use only. Commercial use generally means you have to pay.
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    printable map of New York

    Google gave me loads of maps - free for non commercial use. If you want a downloadable map for a website or brochure then you have to pay.