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    Richard Wood

    Hello from Norfolk

    Hi, I've just joined the forum so I'm saying hello to everyone. I'm a freelance designer working for mostly small businesses in Norfolk, UK. I'm here to see what new tricks I can learn, and generally be as much help as I can.
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    You could offer constructive criticism about people's sites. Making an offer via a video might help to come across more honest and leave less doubt in people's minds, if you care about that sort of thing.
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    Not suggesting you are cheating anyone. I’m just saying the sort of promos you could offer will have a poor take up on Facebook. But if you want to offer something of value, try a promo to speed up a website so they get a green light on the Google page speed test. Or perhaps offer a service to improve conversions. The value you provide should be a tangible benefit to a business.
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    Hi all, Hope you're having a great week! I wasn't sure where to post this message, so apologies if it's in the wrong forum. I'm in the Community team at Reedsy (www.reedsy.com). We’re a marketplace connecting authors and publishers with the best freelance professionals, and I thought some of you might be interested in offering your services as a freelancer on there We have a community of 75,000 clients who're looking for services such as website design, CMS/Wordpress, SEO, email marketing and more. Their main goal is to promote their book or raise their profile as an author. We're also starting to offer resources like webinars and tips to our community of freelancers. You can find out more about the marketplace here: https://reedsy.com/join-our-community Hope to see some of you on Reedsy, and don't hesitate to ping me with any questions Mathilde