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    Ok, as a designer I'm going to get brutal to help... Hope it does The leading under "Gjorgjevska Emilija" is terrible, that whole section feels too squashed together. spacing issues all over, spacing should look the same between everything unless there is a hierarchical reason for it to be that way, which in this case there is not. increase font sizes, better still find some clearer fonts. You have at least 4 fonts, try reducing them to a maximum of 3 Don't have your dates the same colour as the text, I would suggest darkening up the text to separate them from the dates. not enough contrast between the subtitles and the content. remove the heart at the bottom of the page, you're not in school now. under skill and interests, separate the items better, * just don't work
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanging_punctuation - where the punctuation hangs outside the left margin of the text though there seems to be more of a **** to the punctuation style we see most places. must admit i don¨t really use hanging punctuation at all
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    to add to the comments above... bulleted line under title tracking is too loose. phone number etc. dont need pipes between because the icons act as separators too many styles and highlighted bits especially the first part why grey text? i understand for screen use (even then not enough contrast) make it black. Consider also using hanging punctuation i.e. bullets you have a hypen or possibly a minus sign in your date ranges when you should use an ndash – (though it could be the font too, hard to say)
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    Don’t care about the design. Use simple fonts and and black throughout. Many potential employers will read the summary the start of the CV to see if your skill set matches their reqirements. If it doesn’t then they will throw it in the bin. So your first two paragraphs needs to be a well written summary. The rest should be expanded to detail what you did for each employer. If it needs to be longer than one page then that’s how long it needs to be. Mine is now 3 pages long. Also: Bin the tag line below your name Move the dates to the left below the name of the business.