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  3. X-UA-Compatible meta tag

    For a modern web project this is pretty much the minimum that you require in a HTML file <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="ie=edge"> <title>Document</title> </head> <body> </body> </html> You need to declare the charset. You require a viewport tag to ensure it scales appropriately to devices. I wouldn't limit users ability to zoom etc here. You require the next tag to force IE to use the edge document mode which means it will use the highest mode possible for that particular IE browser. Again I wouldn't worry about W3C validator complaining about this, it's probably not been updated for years and this tag is very browser specific to avoid quirks.
  4. CSS Validation

    First thing, These CSS validators are a bit of a waste of time. You're better off using a linter like https://github.com/stylelint/stylelint. These can be integrated with your editor and they are also configurable and they can be run in an automated way in your project - like as a pre-commit hook. Secondly those specific vendor prefixes are no longer required https://caniuse.com/#search=grad. I'd recommend you use Autoprefixer to automatically insert any vendor prefixes that are required as part of your build process. Autoprefixer uses the Database that powers CanIUse so you don't even need to be concerned about vendor prefixes again. This, again is configurable allowing you to declare which browsers to support.
  5. Section Scroller Glitch

    I see the same on my Mac. And it is the video. Once the page has fully loaded the link works as it should. I'm not actually sure why you want this feature, if you look at the page on a smaller screen (like a tablet) the layout doesn't work well at all.
  6. Did you change to Mac from Windows?

    I didn't know anybody still used Coda. If it works for you then fair enough but theres far better tools these days that are cross platform.
  7. Section Scroller Glitch

    Hello guys, I am building a website for my company on the commercial Uncode WordPress template that has a built-in section scroller. Some of my menu items are linked to specific page sections, for example: http://oroaudio.com/music/#beglys That seems to work fine on my PC with the screen resolution of 1366 x 768, though on my friend's PC with 1920 x 1080 resolution the page scroller jumps up and down before loading the page and brings you to the very top section of that page. Note that this particular page has a section with a video background, which I think causes the glitch, because on other pages without video backgrounds this glitch does not occur. Any help would be very much appreciated!
  8. Page extensions

    Is it good to use page extensions in the URL such as .HTML .PHP Are there any Pros and Cons using/not using page extensions?
  9. Which CMS is perfect for you?

    Well, it depends on your project requirement. For simple website, wordpress is best but if you are looking for ecommerce store then magento is best one.
  10. General JavaScript

    https://blog.jmes.tech/react-fragment-and-semantic-html/ The new fragment component in React 16.2.
  11. Did you change to Mac from Windows?

    Thanks for the replies. Most of you are long-term Mac users, then. My boss has a beautiful iMac, and the display is lovely. I've been into Windows for many years, but when I look at his display, I realize that nothing really competes on the Windows display side apart from possibly the Microsoft Surface Studio, but underneath that is Windows 10 which doesn't look as pretty. I used to watch many video tutorials and almost always the instructor was using a Mac. I don't care to tinker with Windows like I used to, and I rarely game anymore. I want to do plenty of content creation going forward, and I think having a prettier display and environment would really help me to want to up my game and do things nicely. Or maybe it's just nice to change anyway. If Microsoft sold the Surface Studio monitor separately, I'd maybe give that a try (after saving a few pennies). I live in Japan on my own and don't expect to buy much stuff here. If I need to go back to the UK for my parents (who are getting old), then I'd have to get set up again, and I could well go Mac. Thanks
  12. Visual Studio Code

    Forget what the Uni are saying. If you work hard and do the right things you will get a job, obviously the shorter the timescale the more difficult. I applied at about 50 or so places before I got my first role I had no related degree and was going up against those who had been studying related stuff at Uni for 3 or more years (Graduates). The benefit you have is that many graduates cannot code - and that is largely due to the fact that universities are not teaching upto date technologies. The treehouse course puts you in a better place than almost all uni degrees for a front-end dev. Don't focus on WP at all yet. Focus 100% on the treehouse course. Then once you are good at building UI's and your JS is improving you can learn some WP basics.
  13. It doesn't look like a link to me, just a highlight. In any case you want to make title attributes readable to screen readers and not for any SEO benefit, and avoid duplicating the text in the link and having the same in the title tag because a screen reader will read the same text twice.
  14. iOS form select problem

    Fixed. The issue was caused by the original developer wrapping the 3 selects in a label tag.
  15. Not sure I completely understand your question but if you are adding a background colour to the text to mark importance then surely you want search engines to know this text is more important. Why not mark this text with bold tags and use CSS to give the tags a background colour. You can also use mark tags to highlight text. Using bold will let search know that this text is marked as important so may affect SEO.
  16. Did you change to Mac from Windows?

    We switched to Mac years ago, we still have Window's machines and I don't have anything against Windows but to me Mac brings all the intuitiveness of legacy Window's OS with a better selection of software for design and development. I don't think I'd personally move from Mac to Window's if I'm using the device for work.
  17. Starting working for someone

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  18. What should I change, please?

    I only looked at the homepage as I didn't want to delve too deep. Simply put it is chaotic, there is a lack of structure and flow to the homepage. I think you need to concentrate on dedicated sections for your content and show the latest/popular atricles from each on the homepage. What is the difference between the 'News' and 'Blog' menu items? I guess most of your traffic will come from various searches so users will end up directly on the article they want thus avoiding the need to sift through the vast jumble of content. If this is the case then you should improve the SEO, the meta descriptions and title tags are lacking in structure also. An Ajax search would be nice also considering the amount of content you have.
  19. Review my new hosting company

    There is a privacy error when trying to access your site. Looks like an invalid SSL cert.
  20. Last week
  21. I partially agree with Pavithra, in the sense that paying for advertising in time-based deals is better than in CPC deals. Still, AdWords is king so I would still give it a try. As for keywords, you should hire someone to help you. I'm afraid this is not the kind of help a professional would give for free.
  22. I would keep both and just compete with one another.
  23. Facebook vs Twitter vs Google Plus

    Social media is for customer service, not for marketing… unless you pay for an ad. In which case, you are not using the site as a social networking website but as media.
  24. How to get more followers on Twitter?

    You probably want Twitter followers to spam them later, don't you? My two tips would be: 1. Be witty when you post (witty is a small but very powerful word, isn't it?) 2. Use hashtags, so people can find your witty posts.
  25. Why is my Website so Slow.

    Over 2 mb for the home page is just way too much. As mentioned before, too many scripts and the code is poor. That website needs a redesign, at least a new code from scratch.
  26. Review my new hosting company

    "Your connection is not secure The owner of www.quinhub.com has configured their web site improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this web site." I would start by correcting that.
  27. Should text with background color be clickable?

    No, it does not affect the optimization (SEO)
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