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  2. Visual Studio Code

    If you're on Windows 10, you can make a Linux shell available to you inside Windows - https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/use-bash-shell-windows-10.
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  4. Visual Studio Code

    If on windows I'd recommend either installing Linux or using a linux like shell. I wouldn't waste much time learning windows specific commands. Most places these days are using Unix/Linux like environments (Mac OS runs on top of Unix). Most JavaScript / Node courses will be using Unix commands too.
  5. If that's the case just log in to your cpanel and add their domain as a new account. Still build the site on a subdomain so the client can see it then when you are ready to go live move the site and update the nameservers.
  6. Thanks very much, I'll keep this handy for sure. So far as I'm aware their website are simply made with 'free' web building tools that are available, where they have no involvement in the hosting side of things. Judging from the responses I have had so far, it seems the easiest way would be to setup a new hosting package using their domain (even one of these £1.99 a month for 1 website would do I suppose), build the site, then when it is done change the nameservers of their domain to the new host? So far it seems that would be the easiest thing to do, a little frustrating though as I selected a package already with unlimited web space, websites, email accounts etc!
  7. Hello Everybody!

    Thank You Jo 90 and Micro
  8. Visual Studio Code

    Yeah. Learn some small basics. If you're on Mac/Linux: ls - lists all the files in the current directory pwd - print working directory. Shows you where you are in the file system cd - change directory. You can move to a new directory using this command mkdir - make directory rm - remove file Just so those basic commands will give you enough to move around the file system. The Windows equivalents are slightly different. I remember it's "dir" to list files in the directory, and cd is the same. Can't remember the others off the top of my head though as I don't use Windows, but you get the idea.
  9. Visual Studio Code

    This is good advice. Just start off with basic cd commands and each day try learning a new command, write it down next to your laptop for future reference.
  10. Wishing desperate social media companies didn't use the status update to promote their business.

  11. Computer science degree?

    I just completed a Business Computing degree and although we did cover topics like HTML CSS JavaScript and PHP. It was not particularly comprehensive or with great support. The biggest take away coming from a completely different career in print was the soft skills the degree gave me such as presenting and working in groups as well as a foundation in IT. There were benefits but if you can afford to do the treehouse tech degree, I would just do that. You would get a job in 9 months. My degree didn't prepare me well enough for a graduate job unfortunately and I'm 30k in the hole. Tech degree would be 2k then a job 🙂
  12. You get that everywhere, most of the time it's just recruiters not really understanding what's involved in the role, for example Java instead of Javascript. I saw one the other day that wanted an app developer that knew IOS, Android, React Native, Ionic and Cordova. Chances are that role will go unfilled because app developers tend to specialise, and an IOS developer probably won't want to use Cordova.
  13. Visual Studio Code

    You're setting yourself up well getting started with a good editor and Git. It took me a while to start using Git confidently after my last job where we used SVN (a similar system), I absolutely hated it SVN and would make a lot of mistakes with it. Git is much nicer to work with and a real valuable skill that you'll use a lot and come to rely on when code changes don't go the way you had hoped. I would recommend learning some basic shell commands as well for switching in and out of directories, opening files etc. It will make you feel a lot more confident about being inside the command line.
  14. If someone already has a website then they have hosting. You 'could' build the new site in their space so long as you're careful not to overwrite the live site, but it's risky for sure. I'd suggest getting some cheap space of your own to develop the new site in. If you setup the hosting under their domain you could either use a sub domain based on their domain as an alias, build the site and then migrate it to their live server once ready. Option 2 without a sub domain would be the same but instead of using a sub domain you could use your hosts file to view the new site in your browser when the rest of the world would get their current live site, this is safer as there is no chance of a duplicate site (e.g. both sub and main urls are being indexed). Either way you cut it you will need development space or be extremely careful in their live hosting. As many point out there's some dirt cheap hosting out there ideal for developing multi-sites, e.g. TSO has host 3 sites for £4.58 per month, just cancel the hosting when you're done.
  15. Easiest was to do this is in htaccess: Options +FollowSymLinks -MultiViews RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www\.)?mydomain\.be$ [NC] RewriteRule ^ http://www.mydomain.nl%{REQUEST_URI} [L,NE,P] https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/rewrite/flags.html#flag_p
  16. Hi, You can hire SEO agencies from any part of the world now. You can opt companies from Asian countries where labor is cheaper. Before you hire an agency, ask them about their clients and check if the clients rank well for the searches. If you search for "Best SEO Company in India", probably the #1 result in the organic results will be the best because it is high competitive keyword and that agency has won in it; at least for a small period. So the company should be very good. Regards, Pavithra Ramesh Spidergems Softlabz - Chennai
  17. Help in Google Adwords!

    Hi, I am sorry but I would not recommend using Google AdWords. Your competitors can open your ads in the Google SRP until you reach your maximum budget in the AdWords. So you won't get any useful leads from the Google AdWords. You can use Soovle or Keyword Planner for finding best keywords. Keyword Planner might give you an approximate number averages searches of the keywords. Check it out. Regards, Pavithra Ramesh Spidergems Softlabz - Chennai
  18. Hi, I am happy to be a part of this community.
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  20. Thanks fisicx, I thought this would be a relatively simple thing to do, so presumed it would be at no cost to them therefore I would rather not ask them to set up their own hosting and pay monthly for the 'favour' of me creating them a website. And of course if I end up with a few different host packages on my end the cost all ads up for something that;s just a hobby! When you said I can apply a mask, this sounds like a potential solution to what I am trying to do. If it's not too long winded would you mind explaining how I can do this? Thanks again!
  21. Guys, what are your thoughts on junior front end jobs not being equal?. Even though I am not ready to be employed yet, I still keep my eye on Midlands job postings. I have seen a few ask for front-end developer but job description says PHP as well. Only some are like this though. Other positions ask heavily on WordPress to convert their designs to themes, while others seem to look for combined designer and developer but advertise as designer. Some are advertised as junior but seem more senior. When the time comes and I am applying, what should I be looking for in a company? Do I take any offer and feel thankful I beat the competition if there was any? I know some junior roles start at 14k, so there is plenty to consider and research. Are agencies good to work for?
  22. Visual Studio Code

    @rbrtsmith and @Jack Thank you both for this. I will put this into action. I was only getting errors on my laptop but with this advice I will hopefully be sorted. I'm glad I have decided to take this on at the beginning as well as to settle on VS Code so that I can start as I mean to go on. The workspaces editor on treehouse crashed on me today in the middle of some HTML & CSS and I lost work, so VS Code and Git it is
  23. You can redirect from their domain name to your subdomain. But you need to apply a mask so the URL looks like their domain not the subdomain. The alternative is to use addon domains. But there may be restrictions with your host on how many of these you can create. I am surprised that cost is an issue. You can get decent hosting for a few pounds per month.
  24. Thank you both for your very helpful comments. By the sounds of it, what I am trying to do isn't possible without setting up a new hosting package, or asking them to set up their own hosting. I assumed it would be a relatively easy process of being able to build a website under a sub-domain and then just link their domain name to it when it is ready. I would rather not get them to set up their own hosting as this adds to cost - the idea is that I am just enjoying my hobby of design/creation whilst doing them a favour without adding cost to themselves or me by creating new host packages. Thanks again!
  25. Smooth Wavy/Skew Background Sections

    if you use the white svg knock out then you can easily use the animated gradient such as https://www.gradient-animator.com/ just check browser support but guessing it's pretty good for modern browsers - just go steady with the animations/ flowing gradients
  26. Build the site on a subdomain on YOUR hosting. When it's ready for launch move the site across to THEIR hosting. I use a plugin called 'duplicator'. It does it all for you.
  27. Smooth Wavy/Skew Background Sections

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. @Fee, the issue wasn't with creating a background it was just making it blend if the elements were separated out. Personally, I think i'm in agreement with all of you regarding an svg background. @Ian Ryde, I like the idea of using a white svg vector to knock out the top. I think this could be a really effective way to control the shape whilst being able to forget about the height of the section. Regarding your idea behind a subtle animation, that would be incredible! I actually had the same idea myself. This could just be a moving peak CSS animated back and forth on a 300% width background image? But, by all means, if you want to do this then i'll not stop you considering you share your codepen haha
  28. Smooth Wavy/Skew Background Sections

    Hi, Yeah, I think svg backgrounds on a section are the way to go, you could even take the the negative space approach and use a .svg white vector for above and below to 'knock out' the shape you want, rather than have a colour svg, and fill the area with a bg gradient as above. Alternatively you could use an inline svg and style that yourself, browser support wise could be limited here though. Would look amazing with a subtle animation on the waves and/or gradient.
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