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    CSS Div in dropdown not displaying correctly

    Sorry everyone, I feel a bit of a moron. It is Javascript, but its such a mess of PHP, and JS it took me a while to backtrack through the code and figure that out. So I think I need to put in something that closes all the drop downs before it loads a new one. But I don't know what I need to put in to do that. This is the code var ddmenuOptions = { menuId: "ddmenu", linkIdToMenuHtml: null, open: "onmouseover", // or "onclick" delay: 90, speed: 400, keysNav: true, license: "2c1s75" }; var ddmenu = new Ddmenu(ddmenuOptions); /* Menucool Drop Down Menu v2016.3.3 Copyright www.menucool.com */ function Ddmenu(k) {"use strict";var p=function(a,b){return a.getElementsByTagName(b)},o=navigator,H=function(a,c) {if(typeof getComputedStyle!="undefined")var b=getComputedStyle(a,null); else if(a.currentStyle)b=a.currentStyle;else b=a.style;return b[c]},s=function(a) {if(a&&a.stopPropagation)a.stopPropagation(); else if(window.event)window.event.cancelBubble=true},gb=function(b){var a=b?b:window.event; if(a.preventDefault)a.preventDefault(); else if(a)a.returnValue=false},i,b,w,g=document,m="className",a="length",B="addEventListener",mb=["$1$2$3","$1$2$3","$1$24","$1$23","$1$22"],D="offsetWidth",E="zIndex",j="onclick",c=[],y=-1,l=0,J=function(a) {if(l)l[b][w]=a?"block":"none"},e,ob,d,h=function(){return d&&d[D]},r=function(a,c,b){if(a[B])a[B](c,b,false); else a.attachEvent&&a.attachEvent("on"+c,b)},G=function(c,d) {var a=c.dd;if(h()&&a)if(d){C(c,"over");a[b].height="auto";var f=a.offsetHeight+"px";a[b].height="0px";setTimeout(function(){a[b].transition="height "+e.f/2+"ms";a[b].height=f},0)} else{c.dd[b].height="0px";setTimeout(function(){A(c,"over")},e.f/2)} else{d?C(c,"over"):A(c,"over");if(a){a[b].transition="none";a[b].height="auto"}}c[b][E]=d?2:1},cb="ontouchstart"in window||window.DocumentTouch&&document instanceof DocumentTouch,T=(o.msPointerEnabled||o.pointerEnabled)&&(o.msMaxTouchPoints||o.maxTouchPoints);if(T)if(o.msPointerEnabled)var O="MSPointerOver",P="MSPointerOut";else{O="pointerover";P="pointerout"}var n=function(d){for(var c=p(g,"li"),b=0,e=c[a];b<e;b++)if(f(c[b],"over"))d!=c[b]&&G(c[b],0);J(d)},lb=[/(?:.*\.)?(\w)([\w\-])[^.]*(\w)\.[^.]+$/,/.*([\w\-])\.(\w)(\w)\.[^.]+$/,/^(?:.*\.)?(\w)(\w)\.[^.]+$/,/.*([\w\-])([\w\-])\.com\.[^.]+$/,/^(\w)[^.]*(\w)$/],nb=function(a){return a.replace(/(?:.*\.)?(\w)([\w\-])?[^.]*(\w)\.[^.]*$/,"$1$3$2")},eb=function(){var c=50,b=o.userAgent,a;if((a=b.indexOf("MSIE "))!=-1)c=parseInt(b.substring(a+5,b.indexOf(".",a)));return c},X=function(){e={a:k.license,b:k.menuId,d:k.delay,e:k.linkIdToMenuHtml,f:k.speed,g:k.open.toLowerCase(),h:k.keysNav}},t=eb(),z=function(e){var b=e.childNodes,d=[];if(b)for(var c=0,f=b[a];c<f;c++)b[c].nodeType==1&&d.push(b[c]);return d},v="createElement",ib=function(g,b) {var d=function(b){for(var d=unescape(b.substr(0,b[a]-1)),f=b.substr(b[a]-1,1),e="",c=0;c<d[a];c++)e+=String.fromCharCode(d.charCodeAt(c)-f);return 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  5. rbrtsmith

    Best Platform For Web Development

    I would but it depends on the context. If I had a really small amount of time to get something out and selling to test the market. If the test was positive I'd then look to build out something properly. I'd happily recommend platforms like Shopify to people who are doing the above, or don't yet have the budget to build something properly bespoke. I've known people to make a lot of money from using a platform like this. Once you have the cash you can reinvest in a bespoke website. These platforms definitely have a place in the market, and they do a really good job of providing a cheap way of creating an online store. I know a few really good devs who use Shopify because they don't want to spend all their spare time building out a website when the platform fits it's purpose for their side business.
  6. I'd recommend you first learn HTML and CSS and gain a reasonable understanding before looking at abstractions over that (frameworks) . Naturally I'd recommend my own, I use it on my own projects, although it's aimed at more experienced developers in that you'll still have to write a lot of your own css for cosmetics - which IMO is the right thing to do if you are building something bespoke.
  7. Stephen Chong

    Managed hosting or VPS for WordPress

    Yes good quality shared hostings are very rare. I was previously using Go daddy shared hosting plan and it was a nightmare. The speed was so slow and there is always space problem. Now i shifted to private plan which Is good for my work.
  8. Thanks for the insight rbrtsmith. I'll look more into frameworks. Is there a good place to start as far as what frameworks to use and when? I'm just getting into html and css. This is actually for a class I am in.
  9. Grant Barker


    Microsoft recently announced that their Edge browser will soon be running the open source Chromium engine. Microsoft Blog Microsoft Blog post 2
  10. Clarity by Microsoft Get insights about how customers use your website. By adding some simple JavaScript to your page, get the ability to replay page views, view sessions and observe interactions. Bing Blogs I thought this might interest some of you. It's in beta I believe.
  11. Last week
  12. A simple HTML site can be a creative as one built using Wordpress or any other platform.
  13. There is no problem in Creating a light website with wordpress. You only need to lower the image sizes and use less customization and CSS which make it heavy. Other than that you can create a simple html website which is light, faster but is not that much creative and is simple looking.
  14. gutterboy

    Member Management System?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to work out the best way to handle something like this, either with a plugin (preferably) or if I have to do something custom. Once users register I should be able to redirect them to another page where they are asked for "additional details" - they don't have to fill these out to register, it's just the next step to get more details from them - this form ideally should be on the frontend. In addition to this when they login they should then be able to manage these details, preferably within a "My Account" section, but doing it via their backend profile page will suffice if required. Not 100% required as I imagine doing this yourself shouldn't be too hard, but provide a better way to view these users on the backend for admin - such as better overview with some of the custom fields shown and then being able to view their details on the backend without having to go to the "edit" page. I've played around with a few user profile plugins but nothing has really suited my needs from what I could see - does anyone know of anything that does something like this?
  15. wesh.uk

    Managed hosting or VPS for WordPress

    Indeed, absolutely zero need for a VPS or "Managed hosting", you just need decent quality shared and should easily be able to score highly and have a well performing website. We have done this for loads of folks now, having moved their sites, then worked with them to get their sites performing correctly. Good quality shared hosting is sadly rare as many just want to resell the crap out of big corporates overloaded networks or are the big corporates themselves, overselling the life out of everything. We'd love to help you out Marveniffi, would probably save you a decent amount of money too..
  16. fisicx

    Best Platform For Web Development

    None of them. No decent dev would ever use a website builder platform.
  17. Considering today's market scenario & requirements of most of your clients, which website builder platform you prefer the most for website design & development.
  18. fisicx

    Managed hosting or VPS for WordPress

    Makes little difference. The speed is more affected by your configuration, theme and all plugins you bolt into your site. There is no reason why a properly configure Wordpress site shouldn’t perform well on shared hosting.
  19. Which hosting should I use for my WordPress website, I was previously using shared hosting and now due to speed I want to move on cloud VPS, Please suggest me the good choice or your experience with Managed cloud hosting or VPS hosting.
  20. 888

    My Logo

    The shadow needs a bit of blur to make it realistic, now it is just the same motif with a grey colour. The gradient colours do not reflect where "light" hits the surface. There is a lack of natural flow to the colour gradient. The two colours also fight with each other. West Ham United fans might like you!😄
  21. Hi New to the forum and if I make a mistake such as posting in the wrong place, please let me know. I am learning CSS grid and there are supposed to be six columns and 3 rows, but the last 3 columns seems to be smaller. Please explain why. Your help is much appreciated. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <script defer src="https://use.fontawesome.com/releases/v5.5.0/js/all.js"></script> <style> :root {margin:0;padding:0; --primary: #ccc; --dark:#333; --light:#fff; } html {box-sizing: border-box; text-align: center; font-size:1.5rem; font-family: Arial black; } .weather {grid-area:weather;} .snow {grid-area:snow; } .sun {grid-area:sun; } .rain {grid-area:rain; } .bolt {grid-area:bolt; } .wrapper { display: grid; grid-template-areas: 'weather weather weather weather weather weather' 'snow snow snow sun sun sun' 'rain rain rain bolt bolt bolt'; grid-gap: 10px; background: #def; padding: 10px; } .wrapper > div {background:var(--primary); color:var(--dark); padding: 1rem; font-family: Arial, sans-serifs; grid-gap: 5px; box-shadow: var(--shadow); border:0.8px solid blue; justify-content: center; } </style></head> <body> <div class="wrapper"> <p>This grid layout contains six columns and three rows:</p> <div class="weather"><h1>Weather<h1></div> <div class="snow" ><i class="fas fa-snowflake fa-4x"></i><h3>snow<h3></div> <div class="sun"><i class="fas fa-sun fa-4x"></i><h3>sun</h3></div> <div class="rain"><i class="fas fa-cloud-rain fa-4x"></i><h3>rain</h3></div> <div class="bolt"> <i class="fas fa-bolt fa-4x"></i><h3>bolt</h3></div> </div> </body> </html> !itemA.html
  22. Yes there are few software which create auto hit and traffic on your website but what is the point if there is no sale. Although We are doing SEO from sales perspective. This may increase your bounce rate because they cannot go deep into the website.
  23. The click method is deprecated in newer versions of jQuery, you should use .on() method instead. The reason why your code isn't working, is because the first argument to .click is a callback, where you can pass in a parameter to capture the event. $('#button').click(function(e) { console.log(e) }) Here's an example of what you're trying to do, but it's extremely dangerous. Like @rbrtsmith said, any malicious script in the textarea could be injected directly into the frame. You can try this yourself by dropping <script>alert()</script> into the textarea and submitting.
  24. You want to be really careful with that, it can put you at risk of XSS attacks. somebody could just dump a link to a malicious script right in that.
  25. You have to use .contents, the best i can do is provide a link at the moment link
  26. I'm not all that great with Javascript and I might just be having a dense but I can't work out how to run an object method from a jQuery event handler. var myObject = Object.create(Parser); myObject.init(); myObject.registerEvents(); $("#button").click( myObject.registerEvents ); What the function does is copy the html in a textarea into an iFrame. Alternatively finding a way to update the rendering in the iFrame of the changed textarea's HTML.
  27. It’s just red. Doesn’t really suggest passion. Use any colour you want but make the whole word the same colour.
  28. Mark Kosher

    Web designer portfolio

    Gone are the days when sites used to be coded from scratch. Almost every time, websites are created on a basis of a CMS platform and a theme. So, a web designer only makes some adaptations/customizing. In this regard, it doesn't hurt you when you choose a website builder platform to create your portfolio. In your case, you need to show a few website previews linked to original websites. The main criteria should be ease of use and professional look of your portfolio. However, I'm not sure if the website builder you mentioned (online.it) still works. Maybe, you should use another platform like Format that's adapted for creating online design portfolios.
  29. You could include references from your freelance clients. After all, a professionally-made resume that presents your skills matters much more than references, IMHO. You can also shoot a 1-2 minute-long video, post it on YouTube, and link it to your CV.
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