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#515016 SEO Section Guide

Posted by BrowserBugs on Yesterday, 01:17 PM

Hi Gang,


Yeah SEO section gets battered a lot by spammers but was just thinking would be nice to have a 'read this first' thread (locked) with links to PageSpeed Insights etc before people post 'whats wrong with my site SEO' threads. Also might help if threads in SEO required approval before starting, or some kind of 'duplicate question' option like stack.


Just a thought.

#514979 what is the latest web design tools in 2017?

Posted by BrowserBugs on 26 April 2017 - 02:20 PM

Insert random spam here.


"If you are to like the best in design, then serious thought to special cases can be done at affordable price, good knowledge found in the forums"


What do I win?

#514871 What's the simplest but most effective design tip you've ever been gi...

Posted by BrowserBugs on 21 April 2017 - 08:29 AM

Form follows function.


There's a great example of the opposite (form over function) in a local park where I live. They designed a modern looking rain shelter, accept the roof is just a wavy set of bars, it looks good, but it's completely useless when it rains.


Similar to the tip I got, met a designer once who told me 'design is simply housing the content' - at the time it was back in the day when everyone was trying to outdo each others bells and whistles, complex navs to 'look cool', made me stop and simplify how i approach things. IMO still stands true today.

#514715 What really works, search engines or social media?

Posted by BrowserBugs on 16 April 2017 - 08:33 AM

Wow, always turns into a one line fest of unhelpful posts. Back to the OP first;


In my own experience as a webmaster, I have seen traffic from search engines converting faster as compared to traffic from social media. But i have heard and read so many articles emphasizing on use of social media as a good online marketing channel. While I am not dismissing this I know for sure search engines work best.


Any opinion?


First you need to separate how you view each aspect of online presence. For general sites (products and services) you will always see a higher conversion from search engine traffic, with the exception of sites like Moz, BBC news, YouTube etc as these are primarily content driven sites where the content is the 'product' as such.


The reason most of the converting traffic (purchased, got in touch) comes via search engines is because the user is in an actively seeking state, they want to buy / hire / find a review / get a quote on 'X' product or service, often near 'Y' location, but the key part here is that they are actively looking. When it comes to social media and channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest etc then the visitor is usually in a passive mode, just browsing or keeping up to date with their friends, not actually looking for anything in particular.


So which works best? It depends on the website / brand you are working on, there is no textbook way.


Onsite optimisation for social media should include unique og, twitter card etc data creating so when someone shares a link to your site on any platform it looks crisp with a cover image, title, description etc. This doesn't require that a client is active on social channels for this, but it does give them a professional finish if someone else is active on their behalf.


Always recommending social media is as bad as always suggesting a client should have a blog, it simply boils down to the client industry and also how active a client is going to be, bar outsourcing the work. So often clients get inspired at the start, then next thing you know their last blog post or tweet was back in 2015, consistency is key to both.


Social media however is unique due to the passive behavior of the potential site visitor. You have a chance to interact with your clients and keep them up to date with your latest products, services and business news. The beauty of social media is the client has already shown an interest in your brand, and since most friends of friends are into the same sorts of things when a follower engages with your posts then they will see it too, growing your circle and brand awareness.


So what to post? Again it depends on website / business / brand. Real life example is a client of mine is a specialist garage and tuning company. They have around 500 followers on Facebook. They post about cars they're tuning, link to their latest tuning showcase, add photos from around the garage, even a photo of a mole who was found asleep in the corner of the garage (probably the most engagement in a single post ever, was cute). They now get daily messages with requests like "Got a clunking noise coming from ... took it to main dealer who can't work it out" to which they get quite a few clients popping it down to be fixed, they also have quite a few reviews now, all 5 star. This is social media working for conversion, many of the messages they get are friends of an existing client of theirs, work they would not have got had it not been for social media.


Secondly because they showcase their work with step-by-step photos and videos (upload and linked to YouTube) of the cars after tuning they also have a lot of their content shared more via image based channels such as Pinterest. The people sharing them are all car fans, who's followers / friends are also car fans and into tuning, and so this circle grows, and they get work requests like "I saw the 300bhp stage 3, I own a ... how much would it cost?".


Finally, does social media have any impact on search results? A little. For example a search for a company name will often also bring up their Facebook, YouTube channel etc under their main website. I also think that due to search engines knowing so much about the content being shared on these channels then it would be a signal of some sorts, again they might take into account social media review ratings and blend it into their algorithmic mix, but I wouldn't say that the serp outcome of your domain would change that dramatically unless there was a breaking news storm.

#514298 Stop a single space from listing all search results?

Posted by BrowserBugs on 03 April 2017 - 03:12 PM

Cool just remember that two blank spaces will still pass a strlen test.

$test = "  ";
echo strlen($test); // Would return 2
echo strlen(trim($test)); // Would return 0
$test2 = " a b ";
echo strlen($test2); // Would return 5
echo strlen(trim($test2)); // Would return 3

Also str_replace would ditch all spaces...

$test2 = " a b ";
echo str_replace(' ','',$test2); // Would return "ab"

... so searches for "james brown" would become "jamesbrown" ... might not be what you want.

#514284 Stop a single space from listing all search results?

Posted by BrowserBugs on 03 April 2017 - 11:40 AM


Just to reiterate, when a single space is entered into the search field and the user presses search - it brings up all of the search items which have a search term which includes a space. For example PC doesn't have a space, so it only returns results which include the letters PC somewhere. But if you enter a single space and search, then it brings up most of the results because they have a space in them.


I think you want to trim if i'm reading correctly?

$search = " ";
if($search!="") {
// Will search as a space is 'something' so will search % %
if(trim($search)!="") {
// Won't work as now the search is empty as it was just a space. 

#514152 SEO and google cheats.

Posted by BrowserBugs on 29 March 2017 - 03:35 PM

For example, keep an eye out on FB, twitter and other social media channels for people in your area who have cracked their screen, or lost a charger or whatever.


#bendgate is a prime example, could really cash in on this sort of thing.

#514147 SEO and google cheats.

Posted by BrowserBugs on 29 March 2017 - 10:58 AM

It's got nothing to do with tags. It's all about the content and navigation on the site, how you channel information flows, build trust and lead Google to beleive you deserve to rank #1 for your chosen keywords.


Totally. Point to always remember is SEO = search engine optimisation, it's not a standalone product or bolt on afterthought, it's a process which is part of design, development and content, from initial planning to launch and beyond, all areas require optimisation. Imagine if a car manufacturer treated safety as some people treat SEO, built a bunch of cars and then thought 'we need to make this safe' when the seats are made of flammable materials and the petrol tank is just a bucket with a straw lol

#513953 Could I get some feedback? car hire/rental company, new design

Posted by BrowserBugs on 23 March 2017 - 09:38 AM

I was, usually when people refer to a 'logo' they are referring to both in general unless otherwise specified, but to separate them, every business needs one or the other (but not always both). Think of the Nike tick, Shell, WWF, Mercedes or Adidas for example.


Bingo :D

#513932 Could I get some feedback? car hire/rental company, new design

Posted by BrowserBugs on 22 March 2017 - 10:26 AM

Hmm this blew up as normal :D


Back to the OP: I love the colours and the waves, even though I did miss the JMA in the waves, might just be how my brain interprets the design but a side point, waves on a beach I would imagine is why most people head to Bali and definately is in the sun holiday car rental market, would look a bit odd in Moscow lol. One thing I would suggest though is not making the domain 'officially' part of the icon (or logo or whatever people want to call it). My reason being you can then have the icon above, to the side or embedded like you have it for flexibility. Many big brands have logo variations to allow each to be selected for orientation, application and marketing purpose (e.g. on the side of a vehicle), see Airwalk as a prime example, their icon little house arrow thing remains even when the rest moves around. In this case the JMA waves on the beach is your icon, the rest can change. Perfect if the business did expand to say holiday lettings in Bali else you might be trying to fit 'jmaholidaylettingsinbali.com' in that space ;)


As to the 'should we have an icon or use just words' debate, it really does depend on the situation. To me a logo must be designed with reuse in mind, a good test I find is blur the logo and see if you could recognise the brand, think person wearing glasses in the rain :D

#513649 Client threatening legal action

Posted by BrowserBugs on 14 March 2017 - 12:23 PM

Dear All,


The client has now come back that i should restore his website as the other designer said the files are corrupted.  The issue here is that his hosting has ended with us.  What is the best advice?  Should I tell him to look for a new hosting?  The new designer is hosting the website at the moment but they got me thinking they can't do the job.


Advice appreciated.




Wow, sounds a bit suspect here be careful. I would suggest if you still have a good copy of the site before they moved away then send it to them in a zip file, let them extract and set it up, it's not your job to set it up unpaid.


My concern is if they try and get you to set it up on their host for them, and the new designer has some files in there then there could be some overwriting of their work, then they could turn round and blame you for messing up their work! If they want you to re-host the site to fix this mess then don't, they have already threatened legal action, showing their true colours. Seriously, don't get involved in restoring it, yes the other designer sounds incompetent, a loose cannon waiting to fire, but the client chose this, tough luck for them. 

#513490 Client threatening legal action

Posted by BrowserBugs on 06 March 2017 - 12:22 PM

Hi Faith,


First off don't panic, if I had £1 for every time I hear disgruntled people holler 'legal action' without a leg to stand on I would be minted :D


Just to check I'm correct in understanding;

  1. The original website was built and paid for.
  2. The hosting provider is not yourself but a third party who the client pays direct.
  3. The new designer has had ftp access to the original working site.
  4. You have not gained access to the site via ftp since handover.
  5. You have had no action in the new website.

If these are the facts then the client has zero comeback. It's not your responsibility to backup a clients site if they do not host with you, but I would say always keep a copy of all sites at your last point of interaction, just as rallport says if nothing else but for your own sanity. By the sounds of things the new designer messed up the new site and the client wants the old site back, tough luck for them if they don't have a backup.

#513379 seo keywords

Posted by BrowserBugs on 01 March 2017 - 05:47 PM

Meta title is not set in stone, search engines can make their own based on factors (e.g. Google sometimes uses the H1 as result title rather than meta title if it's more fitting than the meta title). Naturally search terms would be included in a meta title if you're making a good meta title to summarise the page, it's click bait at the end of the day so it needs to be eye catching (summary) rather than keyword stuffed; your meta title alone will not rank you. Search engines are not stupid, their ultimate goal is to return the best results for any given term, anything less to them is a failure.


With regards to title as in external link title attribute, don't think adding 92% of links with exact match titles will help, it's grounds for a penalty with Ze'Googles.

#512916 site loading incredibly slow (on Retina) ?

Posted by BrowserBugs on 13 February 2017 - 12:19 PM

I'd agree auto play is bloody annoying, reminds me of the JML adverts blasting out in Robert Dyas. I'd say use an image as a backer with hover play icon. Then use js to load the video where the image is when the visitor clicks play ... now the video is not part of the initial load and you won't scare people away, commonly found when people are browsing at work and an auto play lets the office know what they're up to ;)

#512811 Hi there, new guy struggling to make a SE friendly website

Posted by BrowserBugs on 09 February 2017 - 09:53 AM

First off welcome to WDF! Secondly, love some of your photos, really crisp.


I have to side with fisicx, that Wix site is a lemon and maybe just set fire to it. The biggest issue I can see is that it appears to have no content in the source. Take a look at the source code of your website and try to find the text 'Welcome to Robert Peet Photography', nope, nothing, it's all displayed using javascript! Search engines can't see this. Now look at any of the top 10 for the search term 'wedding photographer manchester' in their source code, the text and images are accessible via the html, the search engines can both read the text and locate the images. I'm 99.9% sure this is your biggest headache, simply to the search engines all they can see is meta data, reminds me of back in the day when people made 100% Flash websites ;)


Starting over is the best option, but don't rush as the more planning you do before starting the neater the finish. Since you're a photographer galleries would be you biggest factor as examples of your work is the service they will be hiring, in addition the more stunning photos you have the higher the odds of people sharing on pinterest - for example I have a client who is a bodywork specialist, and photos of a custom Ford Mustang Fastback 1967 or the fully restored Austin Cambridge A55 Farina get plenty of social action and thus referrals, link juice and new customer enquiries who 'saw some of his work and have an X which is a bit rusty and needs some TLC...'. The same would work for you, brides want stunning photos of their day, stunning pictures of other brides, even the dress she is wearing would get a lot of pinterest interest (lol poet here).


Also before making just a 'gallery' try to work out how you and your visitors would like them structured. Maybe folder by client (e.g. all of one wedding day) or maybe by season (e.g. spring, summer etc) so a bride getting married in winter can see snow, sparkles etc, something she can relate to in advance of her big day.


Once all this is done I suggest digging into schema, this is perfect for this, the even have a page type for Gallery. You can then mark up each photograph in the gallery, each with their own properties. I would pay particular attention to locationCreated as this opens up geographic information. With this depth of schema the search engines know where each photo was taken, and since they know the geo of the manchester area your site is 'about a wedding photographer' and the gallery contain images of 'brides', 'groom', 'wedding party', 'reception', 'cutting the cake', 'signing the registry' etc all taken in location around Manchester. So when they ask 'who takes photos near manchester for a wedding' then you're site is a prime candidate.


A lot to think about, we're all here for questions but my advice is plan it well :D