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In Topic: How to rank the images on google images ?

Today, 10:50 AM

You should give schema microdata a try, allows for thumbnails, full size, caption and more. Coupled with relevance you'll see good results.

In Topic: What do you use to clean up your email?

Today, 09:45 AM

If you own a domain hosted somewhere you could use my method which is creating forwarders for certain uses, e.g. google@yourdomain.com etc. This means you can filter when it arrives into relevant folders, note which sites spam you or pass or your details etc. Also once you're done with a site you can delete the forwarder and it'll return their junk back to them if they send you more  :D

In Topic: Hello.. another Cornishman minus the accent!

11 January 2017 - 12:53 PM


In Topic: What is Major Mistakes of Web Development for Small Business?

06 January 2017 - 11:23 AM

Lol these threads always make me laugh, but to humour the op "What is Major Mistakes of Web Development for Small Business?" ... letting the small client overreach themselves, failing to take the client into consideration and their effort (or lack of). Some clients dream big - want all the bells and whistles, blogs, social channels and more yet they are hard pushed to come up with 2 paragraphs of half decent copy, WTF would they do with a blog?


Developers need to think before suggesting features, I've done it before, spending ages making a super cool custom cms the client wanted only to find they have lost interest keeping it updated after the honeymoon period, or their blog hasn't had an article since 2015, or their last tweet was about the London Olympics and they still only have 14 followers on facebook.


Now in every meeting I casually throw in "... and who will be keeping this up to date?" or "... so how often will this be updated?", with these answers you can make a site which they can maintain or a site that requires no maintenance. All too easy to reach for a CMS when it's often overkill for the client.

In Topic: Heart Internet root path?

31 December 2016 - 10:08 AM

Using Chrome tools what do you mean by 'not working'?