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#12589 Introduction Rules

Posted by Ben on 12 October 2007 - 05:17 PM

Welcome to the forum, this section is a place for you to introduce yourself to the rest of the community. As such we would appreciate it that if you are here to promote a business rather than introduce yourself as a person to please do so in the Classified Advertising Section.

If the administrator or moderators feel you have posted in the wrong section they will move the post to the correct place on the forum. Should they feel you are abusing the forum by spam advertising they will remove your post. If you feel your post was moved or removed by mistake please contact the administrator or one of the moderators.

#445953 Forum Guidelines

Posted by 4li4s on 01 August 2013 - 03:49 PM

Whilst this is predominately aimed towards members who have recently signed up, it might be worth having a scan over some of the rules, if you will, on some of the conventions for the forum.

Though this isn't an exhaustive list - new rules/comments may be added or removed along the way - please have a read through and comply with them appropriately. The list isn't set out in any particular order of priority.


Before starting a new topic, ensure you have used the search function. Sometimes there are duplicate threads with the same questions asked. Depending on the time of day you post a question, you may have to wait for a response. A quick search will not only save you time but possibly solve your problem.


If you would like to post a link to your website for a review, or if you're advertising your services in the classified section, please only use one link rather than excessively. E.g. don't have 'yoursite.com' posted multiple times in the same post when they all direct to the same thing.

Vague Queries

We all know the role of the forum and it's purpose, but please be a little more specific with certain questions. Asking "What is Google?" is open for debate and can lead to multiple responses - some of the time, copied and pasted definitions. A link is absolutely fine if you feel it will benefit people.

Older Posts

There isn't an official rule as such on when to reply, but a general rule of thumb is if the post is a year or two old, ensure that what you're adding is useful information, or perhaps an argument to what have been previously stated. Answers of "Thanks, Bro" after two years will most likely be removed and the topic closed.


Asking for Additional Assistance

When someone has given their attention to resolving your issue, don't simply respond with "It didn't work" then request the exact code. While a simple step by step on how to implement certain code is acceptable, do not demand the person helping you to provide you with the exact code unless you wish to consider it as client work. Some may be happy to do so, but this isn't a given. It's one thing asking a mechanic to look at your car for a diagnosis, another thing to ask for them to do the work. You should consider whether you would be willing to pay for their services, or to read up on articles, tutorials like everybody else has. This doesn't mean you can't ask for help - that would defeat the object, but you can't fast track your learning by getting somebody else to do it for you.


There has also been an influx of Skype requests asking for assistance. If it's for networking or just for general chat, that's fine but it is at the member's discretion whether they want to divulge that. Please do not ask them for their contact details so that they can fix your problem for free. If said person is happy with that, then that's their decision but the majority of people may find it insulting if you think they are prepared to do your work for you.


Rallport made a recent post http://wdf.co/j2 about the coding conventions. Posting your code within the text unedited can be frustrating for some - especially if it's lines and lines of markup. The same with a quote, if appropriate.

Relevant Sections

If you have a website review, please post in the appropriate section - the same applies with SEO, WordPress, etc... If you are unsure where to post, please feel free to ask. Sometimes there's a grey area where something is best suited, but you'll find you'll get a better response if in the right section as some members will frequent that area.

Multiple Posts/Bumping

Sometimes you may not get a swift response to a thread. Bear in mind that everyone's background may differ - work commitments, timezone - not using the forum at a certain time i.e. the weekend. You may even find that your thread has been read but no replies. This doesn't mean you're being ignored - sometimes we just don't know. The right advice is better than none, perhaps. So, no need to post a new thread.

In General

We have an excellent community here with a wealth of knowledge and experience from all walks of life. There's no need to talk about etiquette as the general consensus is that people are treated with respect. Ideally we want a smooth running go-to-point for all our web bits and pieces.

If you have any issues or comments for the forum in general, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you feel you have come across any spam, please report to us. We're always trying our best to keep things running smoothly and are monitoring as much as we can, but the forum wouldn't be a community without your input, so thank you all for keeping this such a fantastic active forum.

The Moderator Team


#427465 Useful links for designers/developers

Posted by Lyndsey on 07 March 2013 - 10:33 AM

Hi guys,


I thought it would be cool to start a topic for people to share sites they find useful for their design/development processes. Here is a list of sites I find useful and/or use regularly:


General Stuff:

  • http://jsfiddle.net/ - Useful for JavaScript troubleshooting. Test your code and just play around with HTML/CSS and JavaScript. If you're looking for help with a piece of code, save your Fiddle and send it to someone else who can take a look at it :) You can also save revisions of your Fiddle to track your progress. 
  • http://pastebin.com/ - Useful for sharing code online. Useful for when you run in to a bit of trouble with some server-side code. Instead of pasting masses of lines inside a topic, paste your code in to pastebin and get someone to have a look at it for you :)
  • http://jsonlint.com/ - JSON Validator
  • http://colorschemedesigner.com/ - Color Scheme Designer. See what colours complement each other etc. Useful stuff.
  • http://www.lipsum.com/ - Lorem Ipsum - Useful for inserting dummy text in to your web pages.
  • http://net.tutsplus..../tutorials/php/ - PHP tutorials, quizzes etc. They also do the same for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, WordPress, ASP.NET to name a few. Really good site.




Responsive Design: 


Server-Side Coding:


Form Validation (Client-Side):

  • http://bassistance.d...gin-validation/ - (My preferred method) Simple to use. Include the necessary jQuery and Validation.js files. Simple usage example, call the function using $('#myForm').validate(); and add a class="required" to fields you want to validate :) Also allows you to create custom messages and make the validation more advanced!
  • http://livevalidation.com/ - I've used this as well as the above for validation. It's cool. Not as easy to use as the above (IMO) but it may be useful. 

I hope these are useful! If anyone has any others to share, please do :D



#237716 Going Freelance? Currently Freelance?

Posted by terydinho on 05 July 2010 - 02:18 PM

Having recently gone through the stress of going 100% freelance, I found myself in dire need of project and time management systems that wouldn't cost me the end of the earth.

These 4 useful on-line tools have been my saviour and made my life so much easier in terms of invoicing and managing my time more efficiently.

So here goes:

1. Project Bubble (http://www.projectbubble.com/)
Where would I be without this - you can use the free version or the premium version and both are amazing. It allows you to track your time, the jobs you are working on, you billing and invoicing and so much more - this is a must have for ANY freelancer.

2. Remember the Milk (http://www.rememberthemilk.com/)
This is a great, very easy to use, task management system. It does allow you to just brain-fart as you need too and then organise your thoughts and to-do's into manageable sections as well as being able to collaborate with other users.

3. SlickPlan (http://www.slickplan.com/)
Where would I be without SlickPlan? Down and out I think. A very simple sitemapping and flow-chart software which has saved my skin on so many sites. I find that as a freelancer, sometimes the planning can go to ****, but by getting a solid site map signed off by the client in advance, you avoid many potential pitfalls.

4. Browsershots (http://browsershots.org/)
Last but definitely not least, browsershots. I am sure everyone here at WDF knows about this great online browser testing site, but it is one that if you don't know, you will be kicking yourself. So self-explanatory, all you do is upload your URL to the site and check which browsers you would like to view it in and voila... instant browsers checks :)

I hope you find these 4 programs as helpful as I have.




Some more cool apps below:

Screen Resolution: http://www.screen-resolution.com/
Check your site in any resolution (+1 for MTeam)

#21514 Freelance Contracts

Posted by Eskymo on 15 January 2008 - 12:09 PM

I have had a load of requests over the past year, via PM, to supply my freelance contract...so instead of sending stuff out individually via PM, I've decided to set up a template with explanatory text for anyone to download and adapt to their own circumstances.

This is a contract that I came up with several years ago, with the help of a lawyer [personal friend]. I didn't want anything too technical or full of legal speak. Just wanted something simple, straightforward, that made sense and didn't confuse or intimidate in any way. So there are no major legal terms in the document at all...it simply does what it's meant to - lay out the information that client has supplied [the brief], say what you're going to do for them and how much your going to charge and what deadlines there are...

-----Edit 2011-----
These templates are now available as part of my latest e-book called "Freelance Contracts" - you get 12 pages of information, advice and instructions on how to use freelance contracts as well the contract template in .odt, .doc and .pdf format. You can also get just the templates without the e-book.


#42564 Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet

Posted by Rob on 05 May 2008 - 10:32 PM

During my wide and varied travels across the internets I came across a little gem to use for quick SEO reference…

The Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet by SEOmoz

This will definitely be at arms reach for me.

#361176 Is This a Joke

Posted by notbanksy on 23 November 2011 - 10:50 AM

its a joke he actually gave you money for that website!?!

Grow up man. It takes courage to come to a community and take criticism on the nose. He's shown respect for the help, advice and criticism he's been given, so show him some respect by not making fun of his work. You're not Jason Santa Maria either you know...

#221803 PHP Contact Forms

Posted by Sam G on 17 April 2010 - 09:03 PM

The most commonly asked question on the Server Side (PHP, Databases, ASP.NET, etc) forum is "how do I create a contact form?".

Well... The answer to that question depends on what you want - do you want a ready made form that you can use on your website, or do you want to learn how to code your own form?

I have listed below several links to help you on your way. All links/tutorials/script generators are free.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Contact Form Tutorials

Ready Made Scripts

Script Generators

#438292 25 Post limit removed for new members + New WrordPress forum

Posted by Ben on 28 May 2013 - 09:30 PM


Some new members are finding it difficult posting new topics/replies with the current "You need 25 posts/topics to create links" limit in please, the module we purchased to police this is very buggy e.g. members can't post smilies and even code snippets, which is just ridiculous, and clearly this needs to change...

So we're running a trial where we'll be removing this limit and test if it has any affects on spam here on the forum, I think many members here are vigilant when it comes to reporting spam and letting us know by using the "report post" button on anything dodgey, which we're all thankful for, plus with the addition to 3 new moderators, we're much better equipped at handling any suspicious/spammy content.

We've also created a new forum here on WDF tailored specifically for WordPress - http://wdf.co/wordpress

It seems to make sense as we're getting WordPress related posts frequently, but posted all over the forum, so hopefully this should provide a central location to discuss any WordPress related queries people may have. :)

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon. :)

#483813 Welcome Jack on the mod team!

Posted by Jack on 20 October 2014 - 12:48 PM

Thanks chaps,


If all of your avatars suddenly get replaced with PlaceKitten ones, blame Teodora or Lyndsey. Not the new guy :)



#436373 New moderators on WDF

Posted by Ben on 16 May 2013 - 08:08 AM

Hi :)

It's my pleasure to announce the promotion of 3 very well established and recognised members here on the forum. Their contributions and helpfulness have been absolutely fanastic over the past few months, so to myself and the other mods here were obvous choices to help moderate the forums here :)

Please welcome   4li4s, Lyndsey & Teodora to the moderating staff.


:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

#430223 Good seo company name

Posted by MMMedia on 29 March 2013 - 09:30 AM

A good name for an SEO company?


Climax SEO - we make you come first.

#423248 Really handy website

Posted by caffeinejunkie on 24 January 2013 - 02:55 PM

Just found this really handy website if you've got someone who's having trouble using your website.

Shows all the details of their browser and lets them send is directly to you with a link or via email.


#337547 What does a website cost...?

Posted by MikeChipshop on 22 August 2011 - 10:08 AM

One of the many questions we get asked time and time again here at WDF is "How much should i charge for so and so?".

Every single time the answers come back from our regular members "How long is a piece of string", "depends on such and such", "to many variable" and on and on.

The following links may help you identify what a website should cost. There may be no definite answer but they should help you on your way!



#291439 Reputation now viewable in topics

Posted by Ben on 24 February 2011 - 06:00 PM


I just wanted to let you know, that your reputation here on WDF is now visible within the topic view of all your posts.


www.webdesignerforum.co.uk 2011-2-24 17-57-22.png

Please thank people using the "+" sign at the bottom of all posts if a member has helped you or you found that particular post/topic useful.

Share the love :drinks:

I currently have 61 - so i'm not amazingly helpful! lol - Posted Image

Your Interests have been removed as this was causing posts to be longer than they should - stop being so interesting!! ;) - Don't worry, it's all still viewable in your profile.

#290640 New-Look WDF

Posted by Ben on 22 February 2011 - 06:23 PM


As you may have noticed WDF has gone through a make-over, felt it needed a change from the "Standard" look template that comes with the forum software. Plus after a few years, it needed an overhaul! - So here it is! (Sorry it took a while!) :)

Currently it's in BETA, so there's some minor styling issues, but nothing major to stop me from putting the new-look live, i'm still ironing out some things in the back-end.

Don't Foget to Refresh (Clear cache)
Let me know if you spot anything drastic (after refreshing).

The new design will pave the way for some interesting things planned for WDF, hope you like it, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I've also added a drop menu so forums are now much more easily accessible.


#28973 Post A Site For Review At Your Own Risk!

Posted by Dizi on 13 March 2008 - 07:40 PM

When posing a physical link to a site to be reviewed remember that some people may not like your site and could leave comments to that effect. These threads can appear on a search engine results for your website or other searches, so if you get negative comments people who search for your site may see these.

Please be sure that you don't mind that some members may not like your design and may criticise the work you have done. Most of these members will offer opinions on how to improve, which is what this section of the forum is about. So if you are looking for helpful advice and a honest view of your site this is the perfect place to do it. If you are just looking for a back link then it won't help as all outbound links include NOFOLLOW so searchengines won't pick them up as a back link to your site.

Really all we are saying is post your sites link at your risks as this forum will not be held responsible for any loss of business or negative things that happen due to you deciding to place your site here for a review.

Also be warned that we will not delete threads bases on you getting negative feedback of your design or coding skills, you wanted opinions and that is what you have gotten. We will however still delete any post that break the forums rules or are not relevant to the topic at hand that could be seen as slanderous.

#249930 What are you working on - Sneak Peek?

Posted by alzer81 on 30 August 2010 - 02:50 PM

Just noticed that this forum doesnt have somewhere to through up a sneak peak of your latest work. I have seen it on many other forums and find it dead handy to show off your latest work, even if its only something small. it gives people the chance to get some criticism or praise on there latest work! We should use this especially cos this forum has the 'attach a file' option which is dead handy!

here is a quick iphone compettion page i did up. (only took me bout an hour)

Lets see what your doing!

#241838 Reputation awareness

Posted by andy9l on 24 July 2010 - 06:22 PM

The Problem:
Well, the reputation system is installed on this forum, yes, but it's fairly unused in my opinion. I know there's no real benefit to gaining reputation points on this particular forum (bit of a shame!), but it's nice to get some once in a while. The forum seems to be getting quieter by the week - we need something to post for!

My Proposal:
Bring awareness to the, rather disguised, reputation button with use of your signature. I hope this isn't classed as 'begging' or 'asking' for reputation, feel free to shout if it is.

Posted Image

Align this image to the right in your signature via My Settings -> Profile -> Signature. Of course, you can make your own if you'd like - feel free to take/copy the idea. I've attached a .PSD of the one above for you to mess with.

Here's an example of how to join your signature to it whilst keeping inside the 468x60 forum rule:

Posted Image

Find attached the .PSD for the 'Reputation Signature Image'.

That's my good deed done for the day ;)

Attached Files

#358208 Is WordPress better than a custom CMS?

Posted by Renaissance-Design on 07 November 2011 - 07:45 PM

1. Open source means more and better developers, problems are found and fixed quickly

2. That doesn't make sense - MySQL injection is an attack vector, not a technique you'd be using

4. Anything you code is only as secure as you know how to make it. If you're using a 3rd party piece of code to save time over writing it yourself, you should still check it over to make sure of its quality and security.

5. I make it about 173 results with the search string in quotes and about 6,530,000 results without - I only went through the first page, but 6/10 were using the word "hack" in the proper sense (a quick, inelegant but effective piece of code) rather than the Hollywood sense you're using. None actually demonstrated a way to compromise a WordPress site, and of the four using "hack" in the Hollywood sense there was no indication that WordPress was actually the first point of compromise.

I can't comment on your CMS because I've not seen the source, but if you're making claims about it relative to WordPress it's up to you to substantiate those claims with evidence, see below:

Posted Image